Update: We have an amazing community!

From Cindy Leines

Thank you to each of you who continue to provide prayers and support to Darrell, Dennis and our families.  The “silver lining” has been experiencing the outpouring of compassion. 

Two weeks ago both Darrell and Dennis were in pre-op at the hospital, prepped and ready to go into transplant surgery with our family at their side.  Unfortunately at the very last minute, the doctors saw two spots on Darrell’s lung and not certain that they were not an infection or cancer, the surgery was postponed.  No chances are to be taken.  We left the hospital stunned and knew that the pulmonary specialists would be running additional tests to ensure that the spots are of no concern. 

The bronchoscopy and tests have now been completed and 95% of the cultures and tests have returned and are negative. On Friday (March 24th, 2017) the CT guided biopsy of the spot on Darrell’s right lung will be performed.  We are optimistic that the report will come back negative as well and show it as a benign nodule.  Our hope is for the tests to clear Darrell for surgery and the medical team to approve the transplant surgery with a date on the calendar.

As you can imagine, this period of waiting for tests and results can be taxing on the patience and emotions.  Thank you for your continued concern and calls coupled with some humor! 

To Dennis and family:
The University of Minnesota staff said it best as they greeted you at the Clinic….”Welcome angel…and thank you.”   Your unwavering commitment to getting this transplant done and being there for Darrell is a blessed and precious gift.  We love you.

Stay tuned…we will try to keep you all updated.