Life Changing Care Providers

What happens when you hear word that you can’t get a new kidney as planned; or that undiagnosed spots have been seen on your lungs; or that the fatigue and weakness is kidney failure and not a reaction to the antibiotics?  It’s an emotional rollercoaster in which two days without answers feels like two months – and can throw one’s health into a downward spiral.  I watched it happen with my Dad.

Take the same scenario but now bring into the picture “life-changing care providers”.   Their care is medical and far more…. Each one of these professionals spent time to really get to know my Dad and took time to share honest answers and resources.  We doubt that any one of the medical professionals know how they changed our life and helped Dad and our family stay hopeful and positive.

Big shout out to Dr. Stuart (Park Nicollet nephrologist) whose guidance, ongoing care, and approval to have Dad go on his fishing trip is, in part, responsible for Dad’s health and wellbeing; the Davita staff (New Hope location) whose care, information and support 3x a week has been life-saving; and Dr. Cavert (University of Minnesota Infectious Disease) who willingly returned phone calls and spent time explaining and responding to our questions which made a big difference!  

Thank you to each one for seeing my Dad for who he is --- IMPORTANT!!!

News Flash:  Dad was approved by the University of Minnesota Kidney Transplant Team to proceed with the transplant on Tuesday, August 29th.  We wait now for donor Dennis’ final approval on Monday, August 28.