Prayers Answered: Now We Need Your Help!

If you are new to my dad's journey you can read the full diagnosis and details here. 

Tentative Date Schedule for Surgery: Tuesday, March 7

After intense searching, defeats and perseverance we are excited that we have found a match. My cousin, Dennis Leines, has graciously offered to be a kidney donor and has been given the approval, by the doctors, as a perfect match! This is where the hard part comes in! They will both undergo surgery very shortly (more details on that as we hear more). Due to the upcoming medical expenses, time out of work especially for Dennis (due to his line of work), there are going to be some large bills coming up!

We are asking for family, friends and the community to raise some money to help put aside the fear of funds during this time where the focus should be on getting healthy & recovering.

Karen Droen has setup a GoFundMe account where all the proceeds will go to Darrell, Dennis and any outstanding money that is not needed to cover costs (if there is any) will then be donated to the Kidney Foundation to help another family in need! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for anything that you can do to help!